Classes for the next few months are filling up. Call 305-271-4311 to book your spot in our group class or a private session with our instructors. We have a schedule of basic and advanced rider classes that will help you build your skills and confidence. Harley Davidson Rider Academy Our... Read More

  Ride Smart Florida is having a Proclamation Event in Tampa on May 11. We are proud to support the state’s efforts to keep riders safe.                

Harley Davidson Riding Academy Classes for Spring Classes are filling up fast. Join us for the Harley Davidson Riding Academy a learn to ride on a new Harley Davidson bike. Have a new bike you’d prefer to ride in a private setting? Private lessons are also available. Sign Up Today! Call 305-271-4311... Read More

If you are planning a summer bike trip, now is the perfect time to brush up on your skills with our group or private classes. We offer the Motorcycle Safety Foundation program, which gets you the required Florida endorsement plus discounts on insurance and at local retailers.  We also teach... Read More

We post photos from our classes on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Students are invited to download or screen shot – we don’t charge for pictures. Like, follow and share us! To find us, click here: Facebook: Instagram: Flickr: MotorcycleRiderInstruction

HDRA Logo   We are a certified Harley Davison Riding Academy provider and all of our instructors have been certified by the program.   Beginners and advanced courses are available and private lessons are a good way to learn or refresh on your personal bike.   For more information, call... Read More

  We love to teach in this weather. Classes are filling up – sign up soon.   Call 305-271-4311 to get all the details.

  Keeping your motorcycle in good condition is smart for safe riders. We love our lift that saves our needs when we change oil, check the tires and maintain chains and engines. Let’s be real – working on bikes isn’t like real work. Safety first!

Whenever possible, ride with a buddy. You can keep an eye on each other, take up more space on the road and it is just more fun. Be safe out there!

Get geared up. It is safer and you get to go shopping! Class alumni can earn discounts at local retailers. Call 305-271-4311 for all the details.