About Us

Motorcycle Safety is Our Passion

Motorcycle Rider Instruction Inc., the oldest motorcycle training school in South Florida,  was created with one goal in mind: Safe Riding.

Florida is one of 39 states that adopted the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, recommending it for all riders and making it a requirement for any rider under 21 years of age.

You will learn from our instructional team of law enforcement, military and education professionals and end the weekend with safe riding skills, hands-on practice on a closed course and your Florida drivers license endorsement. In addition, you can earn discounts on insurance and bike accessories and gain the confidence that will keep you safe on your bike.

We offer classes for novice and experienced riders, and provide the bikes. The Experienced Rider Course is conducted on your own bike. Private lessons can be taken on your bike or one of ours.

MRI is a licensed affiliate of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, a national organization dedicated to safe riding. Since 1973, the Foundation has established internationally recognized standards of excellence in rider education and training, licensing improvements, governmental regulations and public information.

Our school is also a licensed affiliate of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. This relationship allows MRI to administer mandatory motorcycle license written and skills tests on behalf of the state.

MRI’s closed instructional facility is located in south Miami-Dade County, Florida. We can recommend nearby hotels for students from out of town.

For more information about any Motorcycle Rider Instruction classes or our team of instructors or to book a class, please strike the appropriate button.

Email us: MRIRide@aol.com

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