Trike and Sidecar

Trike and Sidecar Classes

You can learn the fun of trike and sidecar riding from the first school in Florida to be certified in three-wheel training. We present The Evergreen Safety Council Sidecar and Trike Program (S/TEP) curriculum, which is nationally recognized as the premier standard of training in this field.

Conducted over a weekend, S/TEP training is divided into two parts – basic and advanced. Both parts must be completed to obtain a motorcycle endorsement, which is required to legally operate either type of vehicle in Florida.

We have a limited number of three-wheel rigs. Students may elect to use their own or use ours. Most of our students prefer to use their own bikes.

Sidecar and trike operation is very different from that of two-wheel motorcycles and requires specialized curriculum and training. This fun and challenging course helps those who want to join a growing number of people who want the freedom of riding with different platform for travel.

Call us at 305-271-4311 for more details and the schedule.

You Must Bring: (required for riding -no exceptions)
Personal helmet (must be DOT legal) protection: glasses, goggles, face shield
Full-fingered leather gloves (no cut-offs)
Long-sleeved shirt or jacket
Long pants
Boots or high-topped foot wear that covers your ankles

Additional items we highly recommend:

Cooler, water, sports drinks, snacks, lunch, baseball cap or bandana, sunscreen, rain gear