Whenever possible, ride with a buddy. You can keep an eye on each other, take up more space on the road and it is just more fun. Be safe out there!

It’s the best time of the year! If you have never been to Bike Week, put it on your bucket list. There are amazing bikes to view and demo, cool new toys to check out and the most interesting bunch of people you have ever seen.   If you go,... Read More

  Safety First! Kudos to our friends who launched this new campaign is to raise awareness of motorcycle safety and to remind motorists to watch for bikes. Be safe out there!   www.ridesmartflorida.com    

It’s the very best way.

For a quick ride around town, full face helmets, a gloves and sturdy shoes are a must.   Longer rides or more treacherous conditions call for full leathers. It might be warm but they can save your skin. Trust us – we’ve been there and appreciate the gear.   All... Read More

We have Harley Davidson Street 550s for future classes. These are hot off the production line and ready to work into our class schedule. Call 305-271-4311 to schedule your class today.

Some of our favorite memories are distance rides where we can be one with the road. Our hope is that all of our alumni and friends can share the thrill of riding in the mountains or the desert – all geared up and safe, of course.

There is always something new to learn, thats why several of our rider coaches are participating in the Harley Davidson Riding Academy training this month. We can’t wait to share what we learn with our students. The cool Harley Davidson motorcycles we will be integrating into classes don’t hurt either.

This is the time of year that spring showers pop up out of nowhere. Be prepared by always bringing rain gear when you head out on the bike. You will be glad you have it when you need it.   Safes riding!  

We recommend it! Some of our favorite vacations have been spring rides on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The air is crisp, the weather is dry and all is right with the world.