Most of our classes are in groups and students use our motorcycles. Some students prefer to ride their own bikes – our private lessons allow you to take this route. We offer a more flexible schedule with weekdays available. Call us at 305-241-4311 to discuss the options and schedule your... Read More

Our instructors are certified in Harley-Davidson Riding Academy classes and we offer them most weeks at our school in Miami. Learn to ride on our Harley-Davidson bikes and take away a lifetime of skills and some special goodies as well. Call 305-271-4311 to book your class today.

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For those of you that have no experience on a motorcycle, a pre-requisite to taking the class is that you currently and frequently ride a bicycle (pedal cycle) so you get the feel of balance and coordination required to safely operate a motorcycle. We want you to have a good experience... Read More

Before you come to class, make sure you are familiar with the safety dress code for the riding sessions. To ride you must have the following: a. DOT approved helmet b. Eye protection such as sunglasses, clear safety glasses, goggles, face shield on your personal helmet c. Long sleeve shirt... Read More

Group or Private Classes Love your own bike so much you can’t imagine riding anything else? Would you feel more comfortable with your new bike learning in a private lesson? We offer private lessons on a more flexible schedule with weekdays available. Call us at 305-241-4311 to discuss the options... Read More

We post photos from our classes on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Students are invited to download or screen shot – we don’t charge for pictures. Like, follow and share us! To find us, click here: Facebook: Instagram:  

We are pleased to offer our motorcycle safety classes in both English and Spanish. When you call 305-271-4311 to learn more about our schedule and available dates, let us know your preference.

Thinking about getting a bike but not quite sure? We offer a free observer program that enables you to  sit in a class and observe. You will participate in the first classroom activity on Friday evening at 5-30 p.m. On Saturday morning you’ll meet with the class taking part in... Read More

Our instructors are credentialed to teach the Harley Davidson Riding Academy curriculum. Even better, you can learn to ride on a Harley! Call us at 305-271-4311 to learn more and book your class.