You can learn the fun of trike and sidecar riding with our three-wheel training classes. We use the Evergreen Safety Council Sidecar and Trike Program (S/TEP) curriculum, which the US standard. The class is a two-parter and will give you the motorcycle endorsement required in Florida. Call is at 305-271-4311... Read More

Before you come to class, make sure you are familiar with the safety dress code for the riding sessions. To ride you must have the following: a. DOT approved helmet – we will loan you one if you don’t have your own; b. Eye protection such as sunglasses, clear safety... Read More

For those of you that have no experience on a motorcycle, a pre-requisite to taking the class is that you currently and frequently ride a bicycle (pedal cycle) so you get the feel of balance and coordination required to safely operate a . motorcycle. We want you to have a good... Read More

This time of year we start thinking about our bucket list and things we want to accomplish in the new year. If a new motorcycle is on your list, be sure and learn to ride safely. We offer group and private classes for novice and experienced riders. Call 305-271-4311 to... Read More

If Santa brought you a new bike, make sure you learn all the best safety techniques. Call 305-271-4311 to sign ups coffee class today. Winter classes fill up fast because the weather is so good. Sign up soon!

Our instructors are certified in Harley-Davidson Riding Academy classes and we offer them most weeks at our school in Miami. Learn to ride on our Harley-Davidson bikes and take away a lifetime of skills and some special goodies as well.  

Most of our classes are in groups and students use our motorcycles. Some students prefer to ride their own bikes – our private lessons allow you to take this route. We offer a more flexible schedule with weekdays available. Call us at 305-241-4311 to discuss the options and schedule your... Read More

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? How about the gift of safety? We offer gift certificates for the bike riders in your life. Call us at (305) 271-4311 to order yours today.

We are grateful for our alumni and instructors and all the fine people who make the motorcycles we love so much.

All of our class photos are posted to Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. We are also on Twitter. Follow us!   Twitter – @RideSafelyMiami Facebook – @Motorcycle Rider Instruction Florida Instagram – @MotorcycleRiderInstruction